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FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (April 27, 1999 – Radio Australia/PIDP/CPIS)---The 12-member Tuvalu Parliament has elected Ionatana Ionatana, former Minister of Education, the Polynesian nation’s new Prime Minister.

Ionatana ‘s new Cabinet lineup includes Lagitupu Tuilimu as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Samuelu Teo as Minister of Works and Communications, Faimalaga Luka as Minister of Natural Resources and Home Affairs, and Teagai Esekia as Minister of Health and Education.

New Prime Minister Ionatana replaces Bikenibeu Paeniu, who was ousted from office earlier this month after a vote of no confidence.

The vote against Paeniu was supported by members of his own cabinet after accusations of misconduct in his personal life and for failing to complete government programs as promised when he came to office.

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