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NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (April 29, 1999 - PACNEWS/Radio Tonga)---The Tongan Government has approved, in principle, a proposal to adopt daylight savings time.

However, legal details pertaining to the proposal have been referred to the Crown Law Department for review before formal implementation of the time change plan is made.

The recommendation to adopt daylight savings time in the Kingdom came from Tonga's Director of Tourism and Secretary of the National Millennium Committee, Semisi Taumoepeau.

He recommended that Tonga adopt the change effective the first Saturday of October this year and maintain daylight savings time until March of next year.

The proposal to move clocks forward one hour during the daylight savings period will theoretically make the Kingdom the first country to see the dawn of the new millennium, although officials from several other nations -- including Kiribati, Fiji and New Zealand -- have indicated that their countries will be first.

According to the proposal, there are more significant benefits to daylight savings time for Tonga's people than the millennium race. They include more daylight hours in the evening to pursue outdoor activities.

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