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TINIAN, Northern Mariana Islands (April 30, 1999 – Radio Australia)--- in the Northern Mariana Islands Governor Pedro Tenorio says the U.S. Coast Guard has seized a boat holding 100 illegal Chinese immigrants.

The group has been taken to a makeshift holding camp on Tinian Island, bringing the total of illegal immigrants being held at a tent facility to 400.

The Governor would not say whether the latest boat seizure was on the high seas or in waters around Guam.

The United States has invoked a new measure of taking illegal immigrants to Tinian, instead of Guam, where U.S. asylum laws do not apply.

President Bill Clinton has issued a memorandum allowing immigration services to hold undocumented Chinese found in vessels off the Marianas waters on Tinian, easing concerns in Guam they would seek asylum there.

Guam has been holding more than 500 migrants since January.

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