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VANIMO, Papua New Guinea (May 29, 1999 Kabar-Irian /Jakarta Post)---An Irianese separatist guerrilla group did not release 11 hostages abducted from Arso village in Irian Jaya on May 11 as expected, an official said.

In a recent visit to Jayapura, chief of the Papuan defense forces, Brig. Gen. Jerry Singirok, said the hostages would be released by the rebels on May 28.

Indonesia's consul to this town in Papua's Sandaun province, Budi Santoso, told reporters here that the group's leader, Hans Bomay, has not given a new date for the release of the hostages, most of whom are migrant women.

The Indonesian authorities, who earlier said Bomay took the hostages across the border to Papua New Guinea, have asked Papuan Prime Minister Bill Skate to help secure their release.

High-ranking Papuan officials, including Skate and Singirok, were also waiting to witness the release of the 11 Irianese hostages on Friday, Santoso said.

"Brig. Gen. Jerry Singirok is in Scothciau, not too far from Bomay's hideout, while Prime Minister Skate is in Lae, waiting for the release of the captives," the diplomat said.

Irian Jaya Governor Freddy Numberi, chief of Trikora Military Command Maj. Gen. Amir Sembiring and other government officials who had planned to welcome the 11 villagers here hastily canceled their visit, Antara reported.

KABAR IRIAN ("Irian News")

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