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PORT VILA, Vanuatu (June 1, 1999 - Radio Australia)---A group of 16 Pakistani students stranded in Port Vila following the collapse of an Australian educational institute, are blaming Australian authorities and the Vanuatu government.

The students, along with 50-other ni-Vanuatu students, $4,500 in tuition fees they each paid to the Business Institute of Victoria (BIV), which closed down without notice.

Student leader Fazeel Ahmed Mughal says the students have also questioned why the Vanuatu government authorized the institute to bring international students to Vanuatu.

"That institute was recognized by the Australian Education and we think they're also responsible for this.

And BIV came and set up its business here so we think the government of Vanuatu is also responsible for this because they issued them a license and gave them approval to bring in international students.

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16 Pakistani students had been mugged by BIV. The main institute BIV Australia had been declared Bankrupt purposely so that no one would knock the door of courts for Justice. The BIG question is still not unanswered instead of passing significant amount of time (i.e 18 years). Why did the Australian Education Department did not entail rules in order to come across the situation aforementioned. Why did they give free hands to those involved and after the whole mess did the Govt Punish those Responsible or did the Parliament entail any rule to bring within parameters to those Australian Companies who are operating from outside Australia?

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