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SUVA, Fiji Islands (June 17 1999 - PACNEWS)---Fiji's ruling People's Coalition junior partner, the Fijian Association Party (FAP), has threatened to withdraw from the coalition, just weeks after the Government was formed.

Party General Secretary Josaia Gucake said members are not happy with the way Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry is treating the FAP.

The Party was recently left out by the Prime Minister in his nine nominees for the Upper House.

FAP parliamentarian Peceli Rinakama said the issue was discussed at a caucus meeting this week where members were told to withdraw from the coalition.

"I don't think we are being treated fairly. What kind of a coalition are we in when we are not considered by our partner in his nominees to the Senate?" asked Rinakama.

"The FAP has joined the coalition in good faith in an attempt to prevent a backlash from angry Fijian supporters."

The FAP has 10 parliamentarians in the Lower House.

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