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By Peter Korugl

LAE, Papua New Guinea (June 28, 1999 - The National/Abridged)---Sex education is vital and parents must make the time available to discuss the subject of love and sex with their children, says Finschhafen MP Alfred Pogo.

Mr. Pogo said the subject of love and sex was no longer a secret nowadays and parents have a responsibility to discuss the issues with their children and make them see how they should approach it.

"Traditional norms and practices were no longer respected by the young generation of today. Negotiations and approvals were not sought from parents and village elders," Mr. Pogo said.

He made the statement when he closed a two-week workshop on "Traditional and Popular Media Production" in his electorate last week.

Mr. Pogo observed that teenagers were frequently in nightclubs or private places and engaging in risky activities where they could catch diseases like AIDS.

The workshop, which was sponsored by the MP, was aimed at promoting and educating the people on how best they can look after themselves, live a healthier life and avoid catching the deadly killer AIDS.

The workshop was attended by facilitators, trainers, artists and media groups from the FISKA districts of Finschhafen, Siassi and Kabwum.

A total of nine local artists groups from Tewae/Siassi and Finschhafen also participated.

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