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FATIMA, Papua New Guinea (June 26, 1999 - Post-Courier)---Students from Fatima Secondary High School in Western Highlands were taken on a tour of Baisu Jail for a first-hand look at life in the province's prison camp.

According to Principal Andrew Mangi, his motive was to get the students to see how life is like behind the bars so that once they graduate and are out in the world, they will not do anything that may bring them to such an environment.

Mr. Mangi told the students that life starts when the students finished their term of studies and begin to make critical decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

He said it was important that, as final year students, they were given the opportunity to visit such a place, and remember that once they were caught doing anything wrong, they would be locked up the same way.

Mr. Mangi said, as an experienced educator he believed such visits would help solve some problems that were being created in society by semi-educated students.

He said seeing such places may help discourage misconduct in society.

Samuel Kewa said after visiting the camp that it was a good challenge and an experience for the students.

He said after seeing the prisoners being denied their freedom, he would not want to be in the same situation under any condition.

The commander of the Baisu jail, Chief Inspector Kaisa Kemauwawa, said he was happy that the students had visited the camp.

"Prison is not a good place for our kids, so we have to do whatever we can in our capacity to stop them from coming here,'' said Mr. Kemauwawa.

"It is anticipated that Grade 10 students of Fatima Secondary will be the second lot to visit the camp in the next term,'' Mr. Mangi said.

Mr. Mangi has also called on the principles and headmasters of other schools in the province to do the same for their students.

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