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YAREN, Nauru (July 6, 1999 - PACNEWS)---Nauru’s new Anibare Community Boat Harbor will be ready to open in March 2000.

The $AUS 10 million (US$ 6.7 million) harbor project found funding from the Japanese Government.

Nauru’s Fisheries Minister Godfrey Thoma said in a statement to Parliament that the Government had been able to secure the lease of nine of the 11 parcels of land from local landowners that are needed for the project.

"The Government expresses its gratitude to the landowners who have leased their lands to the Authority to enable the project to proceed as planned."

Construction work, which began last month, involves the development of a boat basin and the widening and deepening of the existing channel at Anibare.

According to Thoma, the completed Anibare harbor will enable local fishermen to operate larger fishing boats and will also serve as an alternate port for cargo handling when westerly winds and rough seas prevent normal shipping operations.

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