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By Al Hulsen

HONOLULU, Hawai‘i (July 13, 1999 – PIDP/CPIS)---"It may just be a joke, a hoax."

That’s how former U.S. ambassador to the Marshall Islands William Bodde, Jr. reacted to claims that U.S. administered Wake Island north of the Marshalls is really the independent Kingdom of EnenKio.

"It certainly isn’t a separate international political entity," he emphasized.

The Honolulu-based, apparently self-proclaimed Minister Plenipotentiary of EnenKio, Robert Moore, recently informed the Hawai‘i media that EnenKio is headed by His Majesty King Remios Hermios, Iroijlaplap of the Northern Ratak Atolls.

He also said, in a news release, "Despite repeated overtures to the United States Congress and the Clinton administration for a peaceful settlement of claims, a state of war continues to exist over control of the atoll commonly referred to as Wake Island."

Bodde said during the 1970’s negotiations that led to the end of a U.N.-U.S. trusteeship over the Marshalls and the establishment of an independent nation in free association with the U. S., Marshalls’ negotiators also claimed jurisdiction over Wake Island, but that position never was accepted by the United States.

Earlier in this century Wake was used as a refueling stop for trans-Pacific air flights and later became a U.S. military post.

"Wake is a U.S. island. The Kingdom of EnenKio is not a serious claim. Even the Marshalls do not have a legitimate claim," Bodde said.

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