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By Philip Kepson

RABAUL, Papua New Guinea (August 23, 1999 – The National)---A mother and her son who pleaded guilty to committing incest have both been jailed for a combined total of 10 years with hard labor.

Before Residential Judge Moses Jalina were 23-year-old David Kiapain Daniel and his mother, Pollin Warpuai, 37, both of Gaulim, East New Britain.

Evidence from Daniel Sape, Pollin's husband (David's father), showed that he (Sape) became suspicious that the two might be having a sexual affair. He started monitoring the two until they were caught having sexual intercourse in a spot near their home in June last year.

The court heard that when they were caught having sex again in August 1998, the father told them to stop the affair but they didn't.

They were caught again in February this year. Sape decided to tell the other family members and relatives what was going on, prompting the mother and son to run away for a week.

Both were referred to the police and were charged with incest. They were found guilty and convicted.

When handing down the sentence, Justice Jalina said, "In June 1988, you (the son) were lying on top of your mother and having sex. Both of you were found again in August 1998 and then it was hoped that you would stop your immoral and shameful act but you did not."

Justice Jalina said apart from their plea of guilty and their expression of remorse as well as the fact that it was first time for both to appear in the court, there was nothing good to be said about each of them.

"I cannot understand why you, Pollin, allowed your eldest son to penetrate you with his sex organ, the very passage through which he came into this world.

"I also cannot understand why you (David) had the guts to let your sex organ enter the very passage through which you came into this world," he said.

Justice Jalina said David was a young man who could have easily found young girls to have sex with while his mother was a married woman who did not have any disharmony between her husband with whom she could easily have gratified her sexual desires.

He sentenced the son, David, to eight years imprisonment, and the mother two and a half years imprisonment with hard labor.

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