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FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (July 1999 - Tuvalu Echoes)---James Richard Duckworth from North England is now the new People’s Lawyer in the country.

Mr. Duckworth, who graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1989 with a Bachelor of Law and a Solicitors Final from the College of Law, arrived in the country April 22 to take the post of People’s Lawyer, which became vacant when the former People’s Lawyer, Naomi Mehta, finished her contract with the Government of Tuvalu.

In an interview with Tuvalu Echoes, Mr. Duckworth said that before he was given this opportunity to work as the People’s Lawyer in Tuvalu, he was working as a Solicitor in a Private Practice specializing in compensating people for accidents at work and on the roads back in England. He said that this is his first time in the Pacific and he found Tuvalu very different from England.

"Tuvalu is very hot, much much smaller and has very friendly and welcoming people that make me feel at home."

Mr. Duckworth described the major tasks of his job as lawyer for the general public in Tuvalu as including providing community legal education and touring the outer islands to assist and provide legal advice to the people there.

When asked by Tuvalu Echoes about his interests and hobbies, he said that he is quite committed to church and he has a particular interest in working with children. He likes playing all kinds of sports, but his favorites are cricket and skiing.

Seeing that there is no skiing and cricket in Tuvalu, James is playing soccer on the B team for his adopted community, Niutao.

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