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South Pacific Applied Science Commission (SOPAC) Annual Session 1999 Nadi, Fiji Islands October 23-29, 1999

G'day Everyone:

One of the recommendations of last year's STAR/TAG ad hoc committee, designed to help STAR (Science, Technology and Resources Network) Working Groups and SOPAC Technical Advisors was:

"4. The technical parts of the current year's SOPAC Work Program Review and Evaluation, and the upcoming year's Proposed SOPAC Work Program, will be placed on SOPAC's web-site as soon as they are completed. STAR participants will be notified, using the STAR list-server, when this is done."

So, this is your notification. Those documents are now on SOPAC's U.S. mirror website:

flagged as: 28th Annual Session Documentation (in pdf format). This mirror website loads much quicker than SOPAC's Fiji-based website:

The list of pdf-format documents on these sites is:

1998/1999 Work Program Review & Evaluation

Draft 2000 Work Program

10.1.1 Regional Land-Based Mineral Resources Policy Paper

10.1.2 Madang Guidelines Offshore Minerals Policy

10.3.1 Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Network (PIREN)

10.5.1 Regional Centre for Applied Seismology

10.6.1 Procedures for Marine Scientific Research for Minerals in the Pacific Region

10.7.1 Status of the Earth Science & Marine Geology Course

10.8.1 Integrated Planning & Management of Land-Based Resources

10.8.2 GIS & Remote Sensing Policy Paper

10.8.3 PCGAIP Pacific Group

10.9.1 Framework and Business Plan for SOPAC Disaster Management Unit

I look forward to seeing many of you at the STAR meeting in Nadi, Fiji, next month.

Aloha, Keith Crook Chair, STAR.

Keith A. W. Crook, Science Director Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory Office Location: Marine Science Building 232 University of Hawai‘i 1000 Pope Road, MSB 303 Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822 USA Ph: +1-808-956-9429 Fax: +1-808-956-9772 E-Mail: [email protected] Web:

Adjunct Position

Visiting Professor, Earth Sciences James Cook University, North Queensland Townsville, QLD 4811 AUSTRALIA Ph: +61-7-4781-4546 Fax: +61-7-4725-1501 Web:

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