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SUVA, Fiji Islands (September. 28, 1999 – Fiji Broadcasting Commission/Abridged)---A Government team has returned from the island of Rotuma with a "wish list" from the people.

Assistant Agricultural Minister Marieta Rigamoto says the team looked at unfinished projects such as roads, the wharf and ways to improve medical and educational services on the island.

Rigamoto, who is Rotuma's Parliamentarian, said the cost of all the work that needs to be carried out will be calculated by the respective ministries.

When the wharf is repaired, she said, it "will provide a lot of relief to men in Rotuma, because they have to manually load and unload the ships. Work will be much easier and they will spend less time hanging around the wharf, and they can go back home and do something productive, either through agriculture or fishing.

"If the hospital services are brought much closer to the people, it will provide them with economic relief" and reduced expenses, she said.

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