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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (October 3, 1999)---American Samoa’s power company won the bid for managing KAJUR, Ebeye’s (Kwajalein Atoll) power and water utility, and a contract is expected to be signed this Friday.

Private Sector Unit coordinator Bobby Muller confirmed Wednesday that the Cabinet had held a special meeting earlier in the week to review and approve the bid process report from the PSU which ranked the bid from the American Samoa Power Association (ASPA) over one submitted by the Marshalls Energy Company.

"We’ve got a winner on our hands," Muller said of the ASPOA bid. "We’re ironing out a few details and expect to have a contract signed by October 1." The contract requires that ASPA be up and running on Ebeye within two weeks of the contract signing. Muller said that although a total of six companies had shown interest in the management contract, in fact only two – ASPA and MEC – submitted bids.

"The four others dropped out," Muller said. "Most could not work with the aggressive timetable. We are on a fast track." Muller said the KAJUR bid demonstrated that a competitive bid process works in the Marshall Islands.

"Everyone expected MEC to win the bid," he said. But, he indicated, the result of the bid process demonstrated that the bids were fairly reviewed and that the competitive bidding process worked.

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