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HONOLULU, Hawai‘i (November 2, 1999 – The Honolulu Advertiser)---The Environmental Protection Agency has granted the Army permission to incinerate previously undiscovered contaminated waste at its Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS).

The material includes mortar cartridges and rocket parts contaminated with the chemical compound HD, also known as mustard, a blistering agent. The facility has six months to finish disposing the material.

A modification of the Johnston chemical weapons disposal permit was required because the contaminated munitions were not listed among the materials approved for destruction in previous permits and permit amendments.

The Army’s chemical agent facility at Johnston Atoll, some 700 miles southwest of Oahu, is destroying chemical weapons produced for the U.S. military. The chemicals include bombs, rockets and storage containers of the nerve agents VX and GB or sarin, and the blister agent HD.

The Environmental Protection Agency said the Army since 1990 has destroyed three-quarters of the four million pounds of chemical once stored at Johnston Atoll. It is to compete the job by the end of next year.

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