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SUVA, Fiji Islands (November 8, 1999 – Fiji Village News)---Two Hindu families are mourning the death of their sons who died in tragic accidents while celebrating the Diwali Festival yesterday.

One family was the Bhikha family of Waimanu Road, Suva. Their 14-year-old son, Jainesh, died when a firecracker blew up in his face. Police say he received fatal injuries to his neck. The incident occurred around 9.15 last night.

The second family hit by tragedy was the Singhs of Rewa Street. Their 28-year-old son, Umeshwar, was electrocuted while repairing an electrical wire during last minute preparations for the Hindu Festival of Lights.

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SUVA, Fiji Islands (November 8, 1999 – Fiji Daily Post)---A Suva family's Diwali celebration turned tragic last night when 14-year old Jainesh Bhikha died of serious injuries to his neck after attempting to light a huge fire cracker.

Jainesh, a Form Three student of Indian College, died after he did not move away in time from the exploding fire cracker.

An uncle and eyewitness, Dhansukh Lal Bhikha, said Jainesh was playing with his son when the incident occurred at about 9.15 p.m. at their Waimanu Road home.

A student doctor who was opposite the road was watching them play. Suddenly he saw Jainesh stooping over the cracker.

"Next thing, I heard the women wail when I turned around and I saw Jainesh lying on the ground and his head missing."

"The doctor immediately ran over and checked his pulse and there was nothing," he said.

Jainesh's mother, who had gone for a sightseeing ride around the city, arrived an hour later to hear the news of her son's tragic death.

Mr. Bhikha said all the children were very well supervised and it was just so tragic that something like this happened to Jainesh.

Jainesh was the youngest son of Suncourt director, Gulab Bhikha.

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SUVA, Fiji Islands (November 8, 1999 – Fiji Broadcasting Commission)---The Assistant Minister For Home Affairs, Gaffar Ahmed, has urged the various religious organizations to come up with suggestions to control explosive types of firecrackers.

Ahmed says the death of a 14-year-old child in Suva last night could have been avoided if the child had been under proper supervision by the elders.

Ahmed says it was now high time for religious organizations to say whether they condone these types of explosive firecrackers.

"We have the Council of Social Services. That’s one organization which represents a majority part of the community. Then we have Sanatan Dharam Pratinidi Sabha of Fiji, representing the majority of the Indians. Now these two organizations can play a very major role with Arya Samaj and Sangam Organization to voice concerns over whether they want a complete ban on firecrackers or not.

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