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From Trevor Cullen November 23, 1999

‘Freedom with Responsibility’

I write to complain about some material on your `discussion group’ web page. While I appreciate that the discussion group exists to promote discussion, can you tell me what Bill White, who is a regular contributor, is actually contributing in terms of facts, issues, ideas and opinion?

For the past several months, Mr. White has used your website extensively (and many others) to launch wild, vicious, and slanderous accusations towards Divine Word University and certain members who taught there. This hardly qualifies as material that furthers debate and ‘discussion’. All it promotes is someone’s venom and hatred.

Allowing individuals like Mr. White free excess to express his disturbed psychological obsessions on the Web, is no doubt, all part of the "freedom of the Web" experience. But I think it is too simplistic to justify "a free for all" solely in the name of freedom. Surely, with freedom comes responsibility. Otherwise, debate on a totally unregulated web will inevitably encourage other like-minded individuals like Mr. White to lower debate to mere vitriolic personal vendettas.

Also, a number of legal issues need be considered such as libel, slander and invasion of privacy together with ethical issues such as invasion of privacy and stalking.

Mr. White is extremely obsessed with Divine Word. And so he might be. He taught there for one semester before being removed for psychological taunting and mistreating some staff members. He seems to be using your website to continue his deranged activities. What he doesn’t reveal is that he conned his way into a LA mission group as someone who was a highly qualified lawyer. They sent him to Papua New Guinea only to discover later that he actually worked as a petrol pump attendant. When he was dismissed from Divine Word, he took up illegal residence for six months in the house of the mission group and was eventually removed by a court order.

Having been removed from several websites, he is currently under investigation by the FBI for stalking individuals in PNG and Australia. He has been contacted by several people to try and enter into dialogue and clear up whatever grievances and bitterness he harbours. He totally refuses and instead enjoys the freedom of your website to vent his spleen and perverse accusations throughout the Pacific.

While I commend the excellent service your provide on your Pacific Islands Report page (PIR) which I connect with on a daily basis, I must admit that your discussion group site needs, in my opinion, more attention to content and sources as a way to raise the level of debate. I’m all for freedom of speech, which is totally different from the freedom to abuse, insult and intimidate.

Trevor Cullen Australia tacullen@ozemail.com.au 

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