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EDITORIAL Cook Islands News December 4, 1999

(For background information, see Another By-Election For Cook Islands Pukapuka-Nassau Seat at http://pidp.ewc.hawaii.edu/PIReport/1999/December/12-09-06.htm.)

Oh no, not another by-election for Pukapuka/Nassau!

That's been the incredulous reaction from many people on Rarotonga when news of the latest Pukapuka/Nassau electoral petitions hearing was announced yesterday.

One can only imagine what the people on the atolls of Pukapuka and Nassau think about heading through a third community racking election to determine their Member of Parliament.

Ideally, many people in this country just want to get on with life and leave the politics behind until the appropriate time to exercise their democratic rights again in choosing their MPs and government of the day.

However, its definitely not an ideal world, and High Court Judge Laurence Greig has, in weighing up the situation fairly, rather than disenfranchising Nassau islanders, decided to void the September 29 by-election, setting the stage for a second one which is yet to be announced.

Hopefully this time around everyone will get it right!

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