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December 14, 1999

Dear Editor,

Unlike Mr. Mike Morton whose letter objected to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's selection of Margaret Mead's 'Coming of Age in Samoa' as the worst book of the century, I on the other hand am absolutely thrilled with that distinction.

The political stand of ISI or the works of her detractors don't matter much to me, but the misinformation about Samoa I read in her book that pried my resentment of her work.

Derek Freeman describes more correctly for me the Samoa that I grew up in.

Finally everyone will see this book as what it truly is - a minor research paper possessed with intellectual prejudices. It's too sad to know that there are still people desperately promoting the scholastic merits of this unfortunate work in a generation of openness and cultural identification.

Sincerely, Pen Fiatoa  Peniamina.Fiatoa@cols.disa.mil  

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