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SUVA, Fiji Islands (December 18, 1999 – Fiji’s Daily Post)---The number of students ranging in age from 15 to 24 who suffer from sexually transmitted infections is on the rise.

A report on the findings was presented to participants at a meeting of health officials in the Suva sub-division, which was held at the Centra Suva Hotel yesterday.

The head of the Reproductive Health Clinic, Dr. Sophaganine Ty, said the students "mostly get gonorrhea and syphilis infections."

"Because of this, we are wanting to improve on our services and try to reach out to these youths and educate them on the dangers of these diseases.

"We already have radio talk programs and we do outreach programs to schools and the community around the country about these issues.

"But we are wanting to improve on that and extend our survey to the schools mostly. We are also wanting to spend more time with our customers and identify to them the risk areas and the things they can do about it."

Precise statistics on the number of students with STDs could not be obtained from the Ministry of Health yesterday.

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