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NEW GUINEA ISLANDS, Papua New Guinea (December 28, 1999 – Post-Courier)---Departing New Guinea Islands residential judge Justice Moses Jalina has called on police in the region and the country to improve their public image.

Judge Jalina is being posted to Wabag, Enga Province, after nine years on the tranquil shores of the Islands.

Before leaving, Justice Jalina called on Acting Divisional Police Commander Ephraim Tomonmon, provincial police commanders, and officers in charge of criminal investigation divisions to improve their public image.

He also said that criminals were being acquitted because their admissions of guilt during records of interviews were ruled inadmissible in evidence by the courts because the courts believed the criminals.

This was due to the bad reputation of the police through frequent assaults and threats by policemen.

Despite his comments about police, Justice Jalina said police in the region had kept him busy every day, which meant they were "doing their job."

But, he added, people reporting crimes often times ended up being suspected of committing crimes.

"If someone committed a crime, generally he would not report because he would be putting himself in," Jalina said. "When police are friendly, people will come forward and assist police. In that way police would be more effective."

Justice Jalina called on police to respect human rights when performing their duties.

"Before you violate someone's human rights, just ask this simple question, ‘How would I feel if I or members of my family are treated this way?’" he said.


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