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MELBOURNE, Australia (January 3, 2000 – Radio Australia)---There were no major reports of Y2K-related problems in Pacific Island countries during the rollover period into the New Year.

Fiji's National Planning Minister, Dr. Ganesh Chand, said the National Y2K Operations Center did not receive any complaints during the rollover period.

He said the F$ 10 million spent on dealing with the Y2K problem was well spent.

He also brushed aside fears the bug may yet strike at a later date.

Papua New Guinea's National Coordination Center in Port Moresby reported no problems either, but announced that it will continue to monitor the banking industry and businesses this week.

Guam, the U.S. territory selected by the Department of Interior as one of the main stages for all Y2K-monitoring projects, also did not report any Y2K problems.

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