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By Tootoo Aleki

PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (January 3, 2000 – Samoa News)---They threw a big party in Apia, but Samoa Observer Editor Savea Sano Malifa said it was rather a disappointment.

Savea said the hype was "so wildly over-promoted that the mind just goes bonkers thinking about all the extravagant events being jacked up."

He said there were fewer visitors than expected because prices had been raised too high by greedy people overseas who had marked up local prices.

"We know that this day comes but once every 1,000 years. But the zest with which it has been rigged up as the biggest money spinner the world will have ever seen is bound to cause some long-lasting embarrassment."

Savea reported that thousands from overseas who had intended to come to Samoa (which is included in the list of exotic places to witness the last sunset) cancelled at the last minute because of "unaffordable" rates.

He mentioned that some local hotels lost out when they found their rates of about (US)$120 a room were raised by the "European go betweens" to $450 a day, thus scaring off customers, who he said were "not stupid."

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