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LAE, Papua New Guinea (December 29, 1999 – The Independent)---A dinosaur-like reptile has reportedly been seen by villagers in the Lae area recently.

Boboa station councilor Sangame Sangame told The Independent that villagers on two separate occasions saw the creature, on December 11 and again on December 12.

Councilor Sangame said that villagers traveling in a canoe saw the reptile wading in shallow water near Boboa, in the first sighting.

He said that a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) pastor and church elder saw the creature on the second occasion not far from the first sighting.

Mr. Sangame said that the animal has a body as long as a dump truck and nearly two meters (over six feet) wide.

"It has a long slender tail and a long neck. The head is shaped like a cow's, has large eyes with sharp teeth as long as fingers. The reptile walks on two hind legs, which are as thick as coconut palm tree trunks. It has two smaller forelegs. The skin is similar to a crocodile's and has largish triangular scoops on the back."

Mr. Sangame said that he reported the sightings to the Lake Murray police.

Many people from the savannah grasslands of the South Fly district claim that they have seen large lizards similar to the Komodo dragons of Indonesia.

There have also been reports of large lizards up to 1.7 meters (almost six feet) living in treetops.

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