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By Ruci Mafi

LABASA, Fiji Islands (January 4, 2000 – Fiji Times)---A fourth former killed herself after she failed her Fiji Junior Certificate for the second time.

Nazia Nisha, 16, of Waiqele, Labasa, drank half a glass of the weed-killer paraquat on New Year's Eve after she found out that she had failed the exam.

Divisional Police Commissioner Northern Jone Poese confirmed the incident. He said Nisha, a student of Waiqele Secondary School, could have been depressed after knowing that she had failed the examination.

Her father, Mohammed Kamal Shah, yesterday still could not believe his eldest child had died.

"I still call her to bring my tea, not realizing that she has gone away from us,'' he said.

Mr. Shah said he had not condemned his daughter for not passing the examination.

"The world does not end there. I had tried to make her feel better, saying she could be enrolled at the International Computer College,'' he said.

His daughter continued to cry and hated herself for her failure, Mr. Shah said.

Her mother, Agiman Bi said Nisha, refused to eat after the results were announced.

"She had a faraway look,'' she said.

Mrs. Shah said her daughter had not wanted to face the world and was ashamed of what relatives and friends would say about her failure.

"But we told her that this did not matter and that she was always our daughter despite her failures,'' she said.

Mrs. Shah said she missed her.

"I only wish she had seen that we had genuinely cared for her,'' she said.

"We had wanted to tell her that grieving over failures was not worth it. But she did not listen.''

Nisha was rushed to hospital on Saturday morning after her mother found her vomiting on their front porch.

"I knew she had drank something wrong because of the greenish color of her tongue and teeth,'' she said.

The family did not find the glass used until after her burial on Monday.

"We only have our son now and it is so difficult to continue without Nisha, but we have to try for the sake of our son,'' she said.

The family said they were so busy with harvesting cane and observing the traditional Muslim fasting that they did not notice she had drunk the weed-killer.

"If only we knew we could have prevented it; however, it is too late now,'' said Mrs. Shah.

She died on Sunday morning.

The girl's relatives asked that no post mortem examination be carried out. The police agreed.

Nisha was buried at her home on Monday.

SP Poese said Nisha, who lived with her parents on Waiqele Road, drank the weed-killer at about 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

Relatives said the girl was afraid of being reprimanded. She was also embarrassed to face her family after the results were announced.

"This could have triggered her suicide,'' said a medical specialist.

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