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SUVA, Fiji Islands (January 5, 2000 – Fiji’s Daily Post)---Overseas television companies are knocking on the government's door with proposals to invest in Fiji, Minister for Telecommunications Meli Bogileka said yesterday.

This comes in the wake of the government's dissatisfaction with services provided by Fiji TV.

Bogileka said the overseas companies are willing to perform better, cheaper and more efficiently.

"They believe they can provide more television services than what we currently have," he said. "It's unfair on the face of justice that Fiji TV has an exclusive license and fails to provide the public with an efficient service."

Though he did not want to disclose names or any details of the interested television companies, Bogileka said the government is looking at areas on which they can work to improve services to the public.

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister for Information Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi criticized Fiji TV's lack in promoting the millennium celebrations before the new year.

"If there was a sense of patriotism in Fiji TV, they could have at least had a preview of the millennium celebrations," Vayeshnoi said.

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