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By Josephine Prasad

SUVA, Fiji Islands (January 31, 2000 – Fiji’s Daily Post/Pasifik Nius/Niuswire)---Christian parliamentarians and lawyers have been challenged to stand up and be counted in Fiji's prostitution and abortion debate, the Daily Post reports.

Samabula Gospel Chapel's elder Mesulame Nainoca said yesterday that these two groups held the key in stopping the legalizing of prostitution and abortion.

"The secular world view -- the dominant view of the west -- brought to us the second wave of missionaries," he said.

"The first wave were first Christian missionaries bent to change Fijians to know God. But the second wave of missionaries are people coming to change their world view and in it [have] offered another world view -- the no God world view secularism," he said.

Nainoca said these "second missionaries" said Fiji's laws were too old and needed to be changed.

He said they created the "Law Reform Commission" to become the vehicle of change, "to make legal what we know in our hearts is wrong."

"These clever missionaries are pulling wool over the eyes of our law makers. They inserted 'sexual orientation' in our celebrated constitution of 1998 to make it legal," he said.

"They borrowed typical laws from the west and changed our laws, making wrong things right by law -- and wrong in our conscience.

"And now, the Law Reform Commission is wanting to legalize prostitution, allowing women and girls to sell their bodies to earn money," he said.

Nainoca warned on the next development [involving the] legalizing [of] abortion.

"They are not going to stop here. Next on the list is abortion, where killing of innocent children will prove that the people of Fiji are truly liberated," he said.

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