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By Metahera Lahari

MADANG, Papua New Guinea (January 4, 2000 – The National)---A man killed another man and then ate his eyes, testicles and heart in a shocking act of cannibalism in a remote part of Madang Province.

Angry relatives, shocked at the gruesome scene, attacked and killed the alleged killer and chopped the body to pieces.

Police, who were treating the situation as a double murder, reported the gory story of how the 35-year-old man, in a fit of anger, chased his victim, killed him and then ate the body parts.

"He gorged the eyes, testicles and heart out of this 58-year-old man and ate them. The villagers stood and watched in shock, " provincial police commander Superintendent Ben Simanjon said from Madang.

According to Supt Simanjon, an argument had erupted between the two men, Yakamup Makatu and Moropia Silkapi, at the Ono Works camp.

Simanjon said Silkapi had gone to Makatu's village and burned down his house after an argument.

Makatu retaliated by chasing Silkapi into the bush where he chopped him up in the face with a bush knife.

"Though Silkapi was injured and covered in blood he managed to fend off Makatu and chased him," Simanjon said.

He said when Silkapi eventually caught up with Makatu, he got a rock and smashed it on his head, killing him instantly.

Simanjon said after killing him Silkapi committed the act of cannibalism.

He said after seeing this gruesome attack, the villagers chased the killer into the bush and tied him up after catching him.

He said Makatu's relatives learnt of his death and took revenge by chopping up Silkapi into pieces while he was still tied down.

Police were called in to investigate the incident but the villagers had all fled into the bush taking with them the bodies.

"The situation is normal but the people are still in a state of shock after the incident," Simanjon said.

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