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COLONIA, Yap, Federated States of Micronesia (March 3, 2000 – FSM Public Information)---Yap State government officials said they are disappointed over bid submitted for the State's sport complex, which is supposed to house the 2001 FSM Games.

Of the two lowest bids only the second lowest bidder had a complete package, and its bid was still more than can be afforded, said Lt. Governor Andrew Yatilman.

As a result, Yap Public Works has been instructed to begin negotiations with that concern to try to reach a lower price tag, said Yatilman.

If negotiations are not successful, then we will look at the lowest bid and see if they can't lower its bid even though its package is not complete, said the Lt. Governor.

"Time is critical," said Yatilman. "You can't keep on negotiating. If we can't reach the price we can afford we will have to renovate existing facilities, but then we won't have Olympic specifications."

Government leaders had hoped the special session of Congress held in January and February would have produced the money required, but it didn't.

Instead Congress produced a $2 million fund whose use is to be determined by the states, and this has led to more problems. This means Yap has to convince the other states to let it have their share for the complex.

This topic is expected to be discussed in Chuuk during the leadership conference on March 6-8.

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