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By Florence Syme-Buchanan

AVARUA, Rarotonga, Cook Islands - (March 9, 2000 – Cook Islands News)---The Prime Minister and his coalition government may have rated poorly in a recent Cook Islands News street poll, but Dr. Terepai Maoate feels that's to be expected of a new administration.

Dr. Maoate went as far as to say he "is pleased about the results" of the poll which saw him get a 22% approval rating that he's proving to be a good prime minister.

Thirty- two percent felt Dr. Maoate wasn't proving to be a good prime minister and 46% responded they didn't know.

Dr. Maoate's Media Office says the PM "would be more worried if he polled too high because that would indicate a superficial belief by the public of what the Government and he can do."


Just 2% of those polled felt the current coalition government's performance has been good so far.

A further 32% felt the government wasn't doing a good job and 40% didn't know.

While economic reforms, greater employment and pay raises scored 24% in what people would like government to achieve this year, the same percentage said they didn't know what they would like to see government achieving.

A further 28% percent wanted to see achievements such as increasing welfare payments, no water rates and building new offices.

Fifty people were asked three questions by Cook Islands News reporters in the recent street survey.

With the high number of "don't know" responses, Dr. Maoate puts that down to people "voting intelligently."

"Such people are voting intelligently because it's far too early for them to make a judgment," he says.

"There were 40% who voted 'don't know' about how this Government is performing, 46% did not have a view on him being a good prime minister and 24% did not know what they want Government to achieve this year," responded the PM's Media Office

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