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PALIKIR, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (March 22, 2000 – FSM Information Service)---The Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay arrives in the FSM on May 24 on its way from Greece to Sydney, according to a press release from FSM National Olympic Committee Secretary General Jim Tobin.

The torch relay in Pohnpei will begin upon arrival, following a short welcoming ceremony at the Pohnpei International Airport terminal, and will close with a celebration at Misko Beach in the evening.

The first leg of the torch relay will run east of the island of Pohnpei, passing through Kolonia Town, Nett and U Municipalities and part of Madolenihmw Municipality. Due to time limitations, the torch will then be driven back to Nett municipality.

The second leg of the torch relay will pass through Kolonia Town and Sokehs Municipality and part of Kitti Municipality. The torch will then be driven to the causeway, where it will be paddled by a traditional canoe from Likakihka to Misko Beach Resort.

This will completed the torch relay, which will be followed by a community celebration at the resort.

The torch will depart Pohnpei early morning, May 25, for Nauru.

The torch will be lit on May 12, from a flame kindled by the sun’s rays at a special ceremony in Olympia, Greece, home of the original Olympic Games, said Tobin in the press release.

From this flame the Olympic torch and two backup safety lamps will be lit. Torch bearers will carry the torch to Athens and from there by as many means of transportation as required to the host city of the Olympic Games, Sydney.

On its way to Australia, the torch will visit 13 areas in Oceania including Guam, Palau, FSM, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand.

The first destination for the torch in the Pacific will be Guam, May 22, followed by Palau on the next day and then on to Pohnpei, May 24.

Palau is the newest member of the International Olympic Committee. It became member in June 1999, said Jim Tobin.

The torch will be relayed for at least 6-8 hours in each of the islands to be visited and for over 100 days in Australia. The torchbearers will pass the torch around the continent starting on June 8. The torch will enter Stadium Australia on September 15, 2000 during the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

The torch will then light the Olympic flame, by tradition starting the Olympic Games.

Coordinator of advanced operations of the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Katie Orton, said, "The torch relay provides SOCOG with the opportunity to plan a unique journey, which showcases Australia and Oceania’s history, people, culture and diverse geography to the rest of the world."



PALIKIR, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (March 22, 2000 – FSM Information Service)---President Leo A. Falcam will be the 100th and last torchbearer during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games torch relay in the FSM.

The Sydney Olympic Torch, upon arriving in the FSM May 24, will be relayed through the municipalities of Pohnpei Island.

The FSM National Olympic Committee has selected 100 torchbearers, including President Falcam and Dr. Eliuel Pretrick, FSMNOC President, to relay the torch. The torchbearer selections were based on standards established by the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, according to a press release from FSMNOC secretary general Jim Tobin.

The FSMNOC has established a task force in preparation for the torch relay in the FSM that has developed and approved the criteria for the selection of torchbearers, finalized the torch relay route, and planned related activities and ceremonies.

The members of the task force include Pohnpei State Senator Berney Martin and Tobin as the overall coordinators of the task force.

Other members by name and responsibilities include Emy Musrasrik, community celebration; Tanya Harris, protocol and welcoming ceremony; Godaro Lorrin, UCCP; Johnny Santos and Benito Optaia, security; Bermin Weilbacher, media; Wehns Billen, community education; Dakio Alex, airport; John Jenssen, Australian Embassy; Aurelio Joab, immigration; Ramon Falcam, customs; Kun Isaac, medical; Frank Semens, boy and girl scouts; and Sweeter Daniel, Phil Ching, Methos Edward, Detrickson Anson, Elias Rodriquez, Rendy Germinaro, and George Stevens, logistics.

The torch relay starts first with Dr. Pretrick, completing with President Falcam.

FSM's weightlifter, Manuel Miningfel of Yap, who will be the FSM flag bearer at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, will be the showcase torchbearer, carrying the torch down the main street of Kolonia.

All of the 10 starters of the South Pacific Games gold medal winners, FSM women’s slow-pitch softball team will also be carrying the torch, said Tobin. He added that over 90 of the FSM torchbearers are actively competing in the FSM sports programs.

The remaining torchbearers are famous retired athletes still active in coaching and supporting sport development in the FSM.

Of the 100 FSM torchbearers, who must be FSM citizens, 11 are from Yap; 15, from Kosrae; 15, from Chuuk; and 59, from Pohnpei. Pohnpei was chosen as the FSM site for the torch relay because the FSM capital, Palikir, is located on Pohnpei.

Dr. Pretrick thank the Australian Government and Australian Ambassador Timothy Cole for financial support of the Oceania Olympic Torch Relay, according to the release.

The estimated cost of the relay visiting the FSM is AU$ 250,000 (US$ 151,275). Without this support the relay would not be visiting the Pacific region, said Dr. Pretrick, according to the release.

The FSMNOC torch relay education program for the Pohnpei primary and secondary schools started on March 21. Education program instructors are Senator Berney Martin, FSMNOC vice president; Di Cole from the Australian Embassy; Bermin Weilbacher, FSMNOC media consultant, and Tobin.

The group plans to visit 18 schools in Pohnpei to provide a one-hour presentation on the Olympic Games and Torch Relay.


(Participants 1-100, in order)

1. Dr. Eliuel K. Pretrick, Sports Hero, Male, Pohnpei

2. Catherine Ioanis, Special Olympics, Female, Pohnpei

3. Elias Rodriquez, Nett Municipality, Male, Pohnpei

4. Ensner Ehsa, Mobil Oil (Sponsor) Male, Pohnpei

5. Regina Shotaro, Athletics, Female, Chuuk

6. Sambill Billimon, Volleyball, Male, Chuuk

7. Melba J. Stinnet, Basketball, Female, Chuuk

8. Nimrod T. Half, Kapingamarangi Municipality, Male, Pohnpei

9. Animert Pretrick, Kapingamarangi Municipality, Female, Pohnpei

10. Mike Loyola, Nett Municipality, Male Pohnpei

11. Rencelynn Wilson, Nett Municipality, Female, Pohnpei

12. Resida Wilson, Nett Municipality, Female, Pohnpei

13. Rita Epina, Nett Municpality, Female, Pohnpei

14. Maxy P. Samuel, Sapwuahfik Municipal, Male, Pohnpei

15. Tony S. Mike, Wrestling, Male, Kosrae

16. Keisy W. Tilfas, Female, Kosrae

17. Robert S. Sigrah, Male, Kosrae

18. Robert H. Jackson, Male, Kosrae

19. Rinson J. Phillip, Male, Kosrae

20. Isao K. Joe, Male, Kosrae

21. Lotto H. Ismael, Male, Kosrae

22. Chang B. William, Male, Kosrae

23. William N. Kostka, U Municipality, Male, Pohnpei

24. Mariano Kilmete, U Municipality, Male, Pohnpei

25. Rosaleen Marquez, U Municipality, Female, Pohnpei

26. Aurelio Joab, U Municipality, Male, Pohnpei

27. Jason Sam, Essay Contest, Male, Pohnpei

28. Midori Akinaga, Essay Contest, Female, Pohnpei

29. Esty Takashy, Art Contest, Male, Pohnpei

30. Marjorie John, Art Contest, Female, Pohnpei

31. John Igechmar, Male, Yap

32. Lawrence Uwelur, Male, Yap

33. Mino Saitache, Male Yap

34. Francisco Mwalusheiya, Male, Yap

35. Stanley Scaliem, Baseball, Male, Pohnpei

36. Adriano Marquez Baseball Male Pohnpei

37. Youper Oscar, U Municipality, Male, Pohnpei

38. Sonny S. Padock, Pingelap, Male, Pohnpei

39. Marise B. Jackenia, Pingelap, Female, Pohnpei

40. Godaro H. Lorrin, Table Tennis, Male, Pohnpei

41. Patrick Kanichy, Softball, Male, Pohnpei

42. Maria-Lynda Johnny, Madolenihmw, Female, Pohnpei

43. Shelton G. Neth, Basketball, Male, Pohnpei

44. Patsihpa I. Neth, Tennis, Female, Pohnpei

45. Jason C. Neth, Tennis, Male, Pohnpei

46. Jennifer Johnny, Madolenihmw, Female, Pohnpei

47. Tommy Santos, Madolenihmw, Male, Pohnpei

48. Yusareen Mathew, Madolenihmw, Female, Pohnpei

49 Isaac Saimon, Madolenihmw, Male, Pohnpei

50. Christopher I. Christian, Kolonia Town, Male, Pohnpei

51. Marcilyn T. Tulenkun, Female, Kosrae

52. Zakias T. Mike, Male, Kosrae

53. Lucy Sigrah, Volleyball, Female, Kosrae

54. Harvey J. Tulensru, Kosrae State, Male Kosrae

55. Vanston T. Waguk,Weightlifting, Male, Kosrae

56. Manuel Minginfel,Weightlifting Male, Yap

57. Lihda Scaliem, Softball, Femal, Pohnpei

58. Charles W. Edwin, Kolonia Town, Male, Pohnpei

59. Louisa Aliven, Kolonia Town, Female, Pohnpei

60. Glenn S. Harris, Kolonia Town, Male, Pohnpei

61. Kimberly Yamaguchi, Kolonia Town, Female, Pohnpei

62. Tau Ceti Perin, Nukuoro, Male, Pohnpei

63. Yvonne Erwin Nukuoro, Female, Pohnpei

64. Alik S. Isaac, Sports Hero, Male, Kosrae

65. Nannette Apis, Mobil Oil (Sponsor), Female, Pohnpei

66. Belinda Renmog, Female, Yap

67. Anastasia R. Perogolo, Female, Yap

68. Matthew Marmar, Male, Yap

69. Jonathan Marmar, Male, Yap

70. Francisco Simram, Sokehs, Male, Pohnpei

71. Kisino Y. Panuelo, Sokehs, Male, Pohnpei

72. Harles P. Lohn, Sokehs, Male, Pohnpei

73. Alpera Roby, Sokehs, Female, Pohnpei

74. Aisek I. Artui, Sokehs, Male, Pohnpei

75. Ricky Shorey, Male, Chuuk

76. Achinina Nedelec, Female, Chuuk

77. Jesren Phillik, Male, Chuuk

78. FSM Congress Speaker Jack, Fritz Sports Hero, Male, Chuuk

79. Jondy Nakamura, Sports Hero, Male, Chuuk

80. Jeff Allitto, Male, Chuuk

81. Otisus H. Noth, Male, Chuuk

82. Aldysa Danis, Female, Chuuk

83. Martin Tom, Male, Chuuk

84. Erne Kansou, Female, Chuuk

85. Byron Ringlen, Special Olympics, Male, Pohnpei

86. Ason Tulensru, College, Male, Kosrae

87. Vera Guwaathag, College, Female, Yap

88. Yap Speaker Robert Ruecho, Sports Hero, Male, Yap

89. Senator Twiter Aritos, Sports Hero, Male, Chuuk

90. Lewis Santos, Sports Hero, Male, Pohnpei

91. Rhonda Salvador, Kitti, Female, Pohnpei

92. Patrickson Anson, Athletics, Male, Pohnpei

93. Naiorihna Abraham, Kitti, Female, Pohnpei

94. Rendelius Germinaro, Kitti, Male, Pohnpei

95. Tracy Ann Route, Swimming, Female, Pohnpei

96. Welbert Samuel, Swimming, Male, Pohnpei

97. Quileen Lawrence, Kitti, Female, Pohnpei

98. Detrickson Anson, Kitti, Male, Pohnpei

99. To be named Sports Hero

100. FSM President Leo A. Falcam, Sports Hero, Male, Pohnpei

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