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NEWS RELEASE April 26, 2000

A new Deputy Director-General has been appointed to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea, New Caledonia.

Monsieur Yves Corbel is well known and respected throughout the Pacific region for his work as SPC's Cultural Adviser, and his involvement with the Council of Pacific Arts.

As Deputy Director-General, Yves will direct the Social Resources programs of SPC: Community Health, Community Education, Youth, Women, Demography, Statistics, and Culture.

Drawing on his experience as program manager, he emphasizes a holistic approach, whereby all SPC programs work closely together to face the challenges of the region.

"The major challenge I see for the region, and also the greatest potential benefit, is globalization. In an increasingly complex world, you need to synthesize all information across the whole spectrum of social sciences in order to maximize the benefits of globalization, and protect against its threats. This is essential for good governance."

He sees SPC's role as that of empowering its member countries to effectively prepare for globalization. New sources of funding will need to be sought, and ways of reducing costs. One possibility is to use the new communication technologies to their full potential, thereby providing a better service to the islands, while at the same time cutting administrative costs

Yves is looking forward to working with his fellow Deputy Director-General in Suva, Dr. Jimmie Rodgers, under the leadership of the newly appointed Director-General, Lourdes Pangelinan.

Contact : Yves Corbel 

Sarah Langi English Editor Secretariat of the Pacific Community BP D5 98848 Noumea Cedex New Caledonia Tel +687 26 01 96  

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