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NOUMEA, New Caledonia (April 26, 2000 – Oceania Flash/SPC)---Some 250 members of the New Caledonian Traditional Cricket League protested last Saturday against a recently introduced commercial associating a locally made beer with women's traditional cricket, the daily newspaper Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes reports.

The beer, which bears the woman's name of Adèle, was recently introduced in New Caledonia.

As an initial promotional effort, the brewery launched an advertising campaign in which a Kanak woman playing traditional cricket is shown.

Protesters, who were dressed in their team outfits, expressed disapproval and anger that the advertising campaign was associating a traditional sport played by Kanak women to a brand of beer.

About 20 New Caledonian traditional cricket clubs responded to the league’s request to organize the march.

"They are using a positive image of sport, Kanak woman and women in general to promote an alcoholic drink. This is a sad example for our youth and this not acceptable," league president Nemia Nemia said.

The league members ended their protest in front of Société Le Froid, the brewery that produces Adèle, only to find out that the infamous advertisement featuring the woman cricket player had been cautiously removed from the company’s front wall.

An official later indicated that the same picture would also gradually disappear from all beer packaging.

The league, which claims it has nevertheless suffered "damage that will have to be redressed," now intends to take the matter to court.

Another participant in the march, who represented a local women's rights organization, went even further and demanded that the very name of Adèle be scrapped.

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