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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (April 27, 2000 - Post-Courier/PINA Nius Online)---Electing more Christian politicians is the answer to overcoming evils in PNG society, according to National Parliament Speaker Bernard Narokobi.

The same level of Christianity should infiltrate many other professions, he said.

That solution, he added, was needed more urgently now than ever.

"As I move around PNG I see much frustration, disappointment and despair," he said in an Easter message which he expounded on Tuesday.

"Some people are angry, even bitter. They speak of Members of Parliament disparagingly, scornfully and even with passionate hatred.

"There is a perception out in the community that all politicians are corrupt, no good and evil. This is said, but it is not surprising."

He said he believed there was an urgent need for "authentic Christians" to enter politics, which is about the ordering of a civil society and the conduct of human affairs.

"Constant talking down on politicians could put off good men and women and attract real larrikins," he said.

He said that while every MP professed to be a Christian, it was how one translated that claim into their activities as politicians that really mattered.

"There's a difference between a talking Christian and an active Christian.

"How can we be Christians and yet legalize gambling, have more than one wife, or be politicians that discriminate, crucify one another in Parliament and destroy each other's character?"

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