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By Fili Sagapolutele

PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (May 7, 2000)---Culturally conservative Senator Faiivae A. Galeai plans to seek the post of Senate president.

The position currently is held by flamboyant Senator Lutu T. Fuimaono.

Lutu announced early this year that he will not seek the district seat in the 18-member Territorial Senate, but instead will be a candidate for governor in the November general election.

The announcement paves the way for any of the current Senate’s membership to seek the top Senate post.

Last week Senator Faiivae, representing the Fofo District, officially announced his intention to seek the Senate presidency if he is selected to return to the Senate by the Fofo District Council.

While the governor and members of the territorial House of Representatives are elected by popular vote, members of the Senate are selected by their respective district councils. The Senate membership is made up of persons with ranking chiefly titles. Each term in the Senate is for four years and the next selection will be made after the November election.

In announcing his intentions, Senator Faiivae said his motto is "cooperation not conflict."

According to Faiivae, he has the "requisite education, experience, resolve and mettle to effectively and efficiently lead the Senate.

"With God's help and that of my colleagues in the Senate, a Faiivae presidency would be one of altruism not egoism, unity not dissension, cooperation not conflict, accountability not chicanery, competence not ineptitude and participation not manipulation," Faiivae said in a press statement.

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