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SATOWAN, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (May 1, 2000 - FSM Information Service)---The population of Satowan Island doubled to 1,000 overnight as Satowanese from Pohnpei, Weno, Guam, Hawai‘i, and California converged April 30 to celebrate Satowan's first constitutional anniversary and reunion.

Among the visitors were FSM Vice President Redley Killion and Chuuk Governor Ansito Walter and 180-plus people from Sokehs Municipality, Pohnpei.

The Vice President and Governor, who both arrived on the patrol boat FSS Palikir, were met onshore by dancing girls; a police contingency, who snapped salutes; the island's elected and traditional leaders; and three Pohnpei State senators and the Sokehs chief executive who had arrived aboard the Caroline Voyager a few hours previous.

Introductory comments were made and then the visitors were given tours of the island. Relatives who had never been to Satowan and those who have been away for a long time embraced and began the exchange of news that lasted well into the night.

On May 1, the actual anniversary celebrations began with more than 700 people gathered in a nahs (meeting house) for a friendly singing competition by four groups - each of more than 60 singing members and their supporters.

Vice President Killion stressed the importance of sovereignty after hundreds of years of colonial rule.

He said there were three aspects to sovereignty: political development, economic development, and social development.

The Vice President said political development has been achieved with the constitutions of the nation, states, and municipalities; now the social and economic aspects need attention.

To develop the remaining aspects of social and economic development, four things are required: vision, will, means, and cooperation, continued the Vice President.

The Vice President went on to link social and economic development with the Falcam-Killion Administration's objectives, as outlined in President Leo A. Falcam's inaugural speech, of respecting culture, supporting the state's social and economic development, and reaching to the outside for assistance to support social and economic development efforts.


SATOWAN, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM Information Service)---Money to continue electrical service, a post office to serve the Mortlocks, education, and air transportation services dominated discussion in a meeting held in Satowan with elected national, Chuuk and Satowan officials.

The meeting took the form of a question and answer session after Vice President Redley Killion and Chuuk State governor Ansito Walter delivered reports of their respective governments to the local leadership.

The Vice President pointed out the need for improved transportation before a post office could be opened. Governor Walter discussed recent and future expenditures for improving education and the importance of reaching international standards in education and their required infrastructure, such as proper classroom lighting, mosquito screens, etc.

The governor also discussed improving shipping throughout the nation.

Also during the session, it was learned that airline services for Ta, a neighboring island in the atoll, will commence upon completion of paving of the runway.

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