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May 2000

This is a newsletter that is intended to give those interested an update on the Bikini Atoll Dive and Sports Fishing programs on a periodic basis.

Bikini Atoll was written up in this week's Time Magazine/Canada Edition: 

The Bikini dive program was a cover story for the San Jose Mercury's Sunday "SV" Magazine on 4/30/00. Be forewarned that the guy who wrote this article did one single dive on Bikini in 1994, and therefore was not following the safety protocols that we use today on Bikini: 

The Bikini Atoll Fishing Program got an extraordinary review in the May 2000 issue of Salt Water Sportsman magazine: 

Just when you thought Majuro was just a boring little place in the middle of the Pacific, along comes The Amazing Bruno's Magic Circus of Samoa to entertain us! 

I guess the biggest news is that Fabio is finally taking THE BIG DIVE and will be getting married in July. He still plans to work on Bikini in the foreseeable future.

Let me hear from you and dive safe!


Jack Niedenthal Bikini Atoll Dive Program Manager PO Box 1096 Majuro, MH 96960 Phone: (from U.S.) 011-692-625-3177 Fax: (from U.S.) 011-692-625-3330 E-mail:  Visit The Official Bikini Atoll Web Site at:  

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