June 2, 2000

The Workers’ Group meeting at the 88th Session of the International Labour Conference, having received reports on the serious situation prevailing in Fiji,

NOTED with deep concern that the declaration of Martial Law and the setting up of an interim military government that will rule by decree shows the complicity of Fiji’s military to the unlawful and undemocratic actions of the terrorist George Speight,

CONVINCED that the military’s capitulation to the principal demands of the terrorists explains its lack of resolve in upholding the rule of law since the hostage crisis erupted,

EXPRESSES its solidarity and support to the Fiji Trades Union Congress in their struggle for the restoration of the 1997 Constitution and the democratically elected Government of Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry,

CONDEMNS the actions of the terrorists and their use of arms and hostages to force the overthrow of the democratically elected Government and constitution of Fiji,

CALLS FOR an immediate release of Prime Minister Chaudhry and more than thirty MPs held hostages, full respect of the 1997 Constitution, the restoration of democracy and the return of all basic human rights and freedoms,

SUPPORTS strongly the request from the Fiji Trades Union Congress for solidarity support and action by unions in the region and internationally,

WELCOMED the boycott action already being undertaken by Australian workers and other trade union organisations in the region and at international level,

WELCOMED ALSO the ICFTU Fiji democracy campaign and its call for Governments world-wide to stop trading with the military regime in Fiji,

RESOLVES to promote international union solidarity action for the people of Fiji and through unions in all countries to take actions to obtain the restoration of democracy, the full respect of the country’s constitution and the reinstatement of the democratically elected government,

CALLS on the ILO to use its good offices to protect the democratic institutions and trade union rights in Fiji,

FURTHER CALLS on the international community to take all necessary measures to put an end to the crisis and to have all hostages released and return Fiji to parliamentary democracy.

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