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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (June 1, 2000 – Post-Courier)---Tuberculosis is out of control in Papua New Guinea.

According to the senior medical adviser with the National AIDS Council, Dr. Ninkama Moiya, TB had been increasing because of the entry of HIV/AIDS into the country.

In a paper presented on HIV/AIDS and TB, Dr. Moiya said with the entry of HIV/AIDS, TB would get worse because there would be no protective checks and balances in the body’s immune system.

He said TB is known to be a disease primarily of coastal people. But he added that with improved roads and transport systems, the disease has now become common in the Highlands provinces.

He fears that with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, TB cases will increase to epidemic levels.

"If you have HIV infection and all your immune system is destroyed, then you have a situation where all of a sudden TB will pop up everywhere."

"This goes for other infections like malaria, pneumonia, oral thrush and some cancers that people get from HIV infection," said Dr. Moiya.

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