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BRISBANE, Australia (June 16, 2000 – Radio Australia)---A Fijian academic believes coup leader George Speight must be prosecuted for his actions to prevent others from doing anything similar in the future.

Professor Brij Lal, who helped shape Fiji's multi-ethnic Constitution, made the comments while speaking in the Queensland capital, Brisbane, at Griffith University's Nathan Campus.

Professor Lal says even if Mr. Speight agrees to release the 31-hostages he has held since May 19, he must not be granted amnesty from prosecution "because otherwise every 10 years or perhaps every five years you will have a George Speight sort of stringing up in Parliament not only in Fiji but across the Pacific

"So my personal view is that Mr. Speight -- when he took this action he knew what he was doing -- is culpable and he should face up to the consequences of what he did."

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