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ALOFI, Niue (July 7, 2000 - Niue Economic Review/PINA Nius Online)---The Lord Liverpool University may now buy cadavers from New Zealand instead of importing them from India for dissection in anatomy courses.

There was concern of Indian cadavers of street dwellers being imported into Niue.

Minister of Health Matua Rex asked the University board to provide more information ensuring international public health standards were being met.

Dean of the medical school, Dr. Randy Beck, says the public health issues surrounding the cadavers have been thoroughly discussed by the board.

"We will be taking all due care to ensure the strict adoption of international, ethical and public health standards in the handling of cadavers," said Dr. Beck.

The cadavers will be aseptic and will be dissected in a separate facility - not the public operating theatre at the hospital.

He added that the cadavers also will be given "a proper burial."

NER understands that involves burial in a cemetery plot at Huihui.

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