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August 21, 2000

The Fiji School of Medicine (FSM) is coordinating the publication of an edition of the Pacific Health Dialog (PHD) for early 2001. This notice includes:

A Call for Papers

This is to notify all concerned individuals that we are issuing a general "call for papers" with a request for all types of contributions to be considered for publication in the PHD during 2001. It is targeted that the first 2001 issue of the PHD will be distributed in March 2001 and the deadline for contributions to this issue is 15 November 2000. We are accepting contributions on all topics in the form of:

Please forward all submissions as soon as possible to:

Dr. Jan Pryor Fiji School of Medicine Private Mail Bag Suva, Fiji Islands

Guidelines for submissions are noted below under "information for authors." As noted below, all manuscripts will be peer reviewed before being accepted for publication.

About PHD

The PHD is a journal for community health and clinical practitioners in the Pacific and beyond. It is published at least twice yearly in recognition of the importance of health rather than just medicine, and as a salute to the uniqueness and maturity of all Pacific health workers. It takes up the need to strengthen and improve the links between these two complementary aspects of health practice with its focus on dialog and exchange.

The main aim of Pacific Health Dialog is to provide a platform for an international exchange of experiences and opinions on all aspects of health in the Pacific.

The scope of the Journal is for all the major health professional groups including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, administrators, educators, nutritionists, sanitarians, medical assistants and technicians. PHD is also of interest to academics working in sociology, anthropology, history, public health, agriculture, economics, and other disciplines involved in the health of the people of the Pacific.

Ultimately PHD aims to contribute towards improved health care and status at all levels for all Pacificans.

PHD, the premier journal for Pacific health, is marketed to major health professional groups and those with an interest in Pacific health and welfare. It contains peer reviewed original papers, case reports, communications, viewpoints and opinions, reviews, and news from Pacific health institutions contributed by local and international health professionals.

Information for Authors

i) General Information

Pacific Health Dialog invites submissions of original papers and reviews on all aspects of health of Pacificans anywhere in the world. Any health worker who actively participates in the process of providing medical education, medical care, community health services, and health development should consider contributing to this Journal.

The language of Pacific Health Dialog is English. The views and opinions expressed in the Journal do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial staff, Advisory Board or sponsoring agencies.

Manuscripts are accepted for publication only with the understanding that they have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. They may be submitted in any major Pacific language with a translation in English. Priority will be given to articles and subjects relevant to health and health practices in the Pacific.

All manuscripts will be peer reviewed before being accepted for publication.

ii) Types of Contributions

The types of contributions are as below but other types of contributions may be accepted for publication at the Editor's discretion.

Editorials. Comments from the editors on the contents and issues covered by the Journal. Guest editorials will be invited for the author to comment on the themes of some of the issues.

Original Articles. Reports of original and new investigations or contributions. Text to be a maximum of 4,000 words.

Brief Communications and Case Reports. Contents similar to that of original articles but text should be no more than 2,000 words. These may include articles on various aspects of health service, history, etc.

Reviews. Critical analysis of previously collected and published information. Text to be a maximum of 4,000 words.

Viewpoints and Perspectives. These are informed comments or papers on health issues in the Pacific. Text to be no more than 4,000 words.

Letters. Short reports of clinical experience, topics of interest, or comments on previous articles. Text to be no more than 500 words.

Book Reviews. These are informed reviews of no more than 2,000 words of books pertinent to health in the Pacific.

Journal Abstracts. These are an annotated list of important health papers published (not in PHD) about the Pacific islands and peoples. The editors will comment on each of the papers.

Organizational News, Information. These will be brief announcements bout regional organizations’ activities, news and information.

iii) Information on Manuscripts

Language. A manuscript should be in English but we will accept manuscripts in a major Pacific language if a good abstract in English accompanies the article.

Typed and handwritten manuscripts. Submit the original and two duplicates with all typing double-spaced. If handwritten it must be legible.

Word-processed manuscripts. Submit the file on a PC formatted disk with the name and version number of the word processing software used, along with two printed copies. Common word processing formats are Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

The Title Page. Should include the titles, full names of all authors, and names, addresses and contact number (including email addresses) of institutions where the work has been done so that the author can be contacted. If more than one author, indicate the author to whom correspondence should be directed.

Subheads. Indicate on the printed text whether headings are main, subheads or sub-subheads.

References. References should be as superscripts in the text. They should be kept to a minimum and must be in the Vancouver style (see Index Medicus) or consult the latest PHD for the format.

Other. Each original article should include an informative Abstract; Introduction; Patients, Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; and References.

Abbreviations and Units. Only standard abbreviations and units should be used.

Pharmaceuticals. Generic names should be used for all pharmaceuticals mentioned.

iv) Tables, Photographs, Charts and Other Artwork

File formats. Any disks and files must be in PC FORMAT. Note: If possible, we prefer to reset all tables, graphs and charts to our house style using the material you present.

Tables. Tables are best done using the "Table" features of your word processor. If tables are prepared from a spreadsheet, please include the original spreadsheet file(s). All tables must have a heading and may include footnotes that make it understandable without reference to the text. All tables will be re-formatted to our house style by our editorial staff.

Photographs. Photographs should be clear glossy prints, preferably mono (black & white). The article title, author(s) and notes on the photo should be written on the back.

Charts and Figures. Charts and figures (an original with two copies of each) should be prepared on separate pages. If computer generated, indicate which program (including version number) produced them and submit the file(s) separately on a PC formatted disk. Preferred software is Microsoft Excel and vector art software. For figures prepared from a spreadsheet, please include the original spreadsheet file(s).

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