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HAGÅTÑA, Guam (August 21, 2000 – Hawai‘i Public Radio)---Ancestral remains taken from Guam 70 years ago were returned today to the U.S. territory.

Guam’s historic preservation officer, Linda Aguon, went to Hawai‘i to retrieve the bones from the Bishop Museum.

She was due back in Guam on an afternoon flight with the Chamorro bones, and a small ceremony was planned at the airport.

Patty Garrido of the Governor’s Ancestral Remains Repatriation Task Force said now that the bones are back in Guam, officials need to decide whether they should be buried again or kept for study.

She said the 88 boxes of bones will be stored at the Guam Museum until that question is answered.

Garrido said Bishop Museum hasn’t returned all of the bones or any of the artifacts that were collected with them, but promises to return everything eventually.

She said the museum has partial skeletons, stone artifacts and broken pottery collected on Guam by former museum collector Hans Hornbostel in the early 1920s.



MERIZO, Guam (August 21, 2000 – Hawai‘i Public Radio)---Two men drowned off Guam this past weekend after jumping in the water to help save three young boys.

Guam authorities said the boys were caught in a strong current in a channel at Candaso Beach in Merizo. The boys are 10, 12, and 15 years old.

Five men on shore saw the boys in trouble and jumped in to try to save them. The boys were rescued and brought back to shore, but two of the rescuers were overcome by the channel and drowned.

One of the men who died is believed to be the father of the three boys. The other victim was a local fisherman.

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