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HAGÅTÑA, Guam (August 30, 2000 - Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat)---A Pacific-based human rights organization is criticizing a plan by the United States Air Force to station cruise missiles on Guam.

This is the first time these particular air-launched missiles have been stationed outside the continental United States.

But Stanley Simpson of the Pacific Concerns Resource Center said the missiles don’t belong in the U.S. territory. He said the U.S. plan poses a threat to the entire Pacific region.

"We deplore the fact the U.S. continues to increase its military presence in the Pacific," Stanley said in an interview with Pacific Beat’s Bruce Hill.

"They are pouring millions of dollars that could help compensate indigenous people in Guam, the Marshall Islands and other areas of the Pacific."

"The Pacific Ocean and hundreds of atolls are becoming a convenient base for military hardware. It is also becoming a playground for people to test their new deadly weaponry," he said.

Also, Pacific Islanders are not being consulted about such plans, he added.

Simpson said just because Guam is a U.S. territory doesn’t mean that the United States can do as they wish to the island. In fact, he added, many people in Guam "don’t consider themselves as U.S. citizens."

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