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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (August 30, 2000 - Post-Courier/PINA Nius Online)---Leaders from the manufacturing industry and concerned organizations are developing a coordinated approach to tackle industrial waste in Papua New Guinea.

They are members of the Environmental Steering Committee (ESC) formed to develop a long-term solution to solid waste disposal.

The committee is the result of Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta's request to the Manufacturers Council in conjunction with the Office of Environment and Conservation (OEC) to formulate a committee to address the issue of solid wastes in the community.

Maryanne McDonald, chief executive of the Manufacturers Council, said the committee's terms of reference are to implement a re-cycling plant in PNG, to ensure a proper rubbish collection system in PNG and to promote community awareness of damage to the environment and long-term effects.

The committee said at a recent meeting that while it was viable for aluminum cans to be recycled, it was not viable to recycle plastic and, according to ICI, recycling glass is not profitable. The committee said the voucher system for rubbish collection did not work as the bottles went from the shops to the dump, back to the shops and back to the dump and were rarely sent to recyclers.

Ideally, a recycling plant taking all plastics and converting them into a useable product in PNG would solve the problem with plastic containers and bags. A recycling plant, which could produce a molded product such as a plastic plate or a brick, tile or planter box would solve the problem and create an end product as well.

Mrs. McDonald said the committee had written to Acting City Administrator Bernard Kipit asking NCDC's support in the clean-up campaign. They have also asked the NCDC to locate a strategic site as well as to donate the site for a recycling plant. A donor agency will also be approached to sponsor the paper and plastic recycling plant.

Mrs. McDonald said the ESC needed enormous support from the NCDC. She said while there are great export opportunities for PNG paper, the NCDC voucher system for plastic collection would be revived with the plastic collected, brought to the recycling site and built into pallets.

The committee is awaiting NCDC response to allocate a site for the recycling paper and plastic plant. The committee is pursuing the details of the awareness program and is finalizing the logo for the litter free campaign. They have also written a letter to EM TV Sales and Marketing Manager Steve Shervill for EM TV's participation in the program by way of designing an advertising program for the campaign.

The Chairman of the Committee is Wayne Golding, and deputies are Mr. David Wong, General Manager of WH Industries Ltd., and Mrs. Lois Nakmai, from the OEC. The manufacturers Council of PNG is acting as Secretariat to the ESC.

Other companies represented in the committee are Express Freight Management, SP Holdings Ltd., Andersons Foodland, Arnotts Biscuits PNG Ltd., OEC, and Coca-Cola PNG Ltd. Companies interested in joining the committee and be part of the major campaign should contact the Secretariat at the office of the Manufacturers Council of PNG.

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