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YAREN, Nauru (October 3, 2000 – Government of Nauru)---The Hon. Godfrey Thoma MP, Chairman of the Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority, officially opened the Anibare Community Boat Harbour on September 27.

With Nauru’s dependence on phosphate sales diminishing in the future, the government is turning towards other industries.

The construction of the Anibare Community Boat Harbour, formerly known as Anibare Boat Channel, began during June 1999 and was completed last August by Penta Ocean Construction Company Ltd. Engineering was undertaken by ECOH Corporation. The government of Japan provided construction funds of US$ 6.07 million through an aid grant.

Negotiations began in 1996, and the government of Japan granted approval of funding for the project in December 1998.

The main objectives of developing the Anibare Community boat Harbour are to provide the local fishing community with a safe and uncongested boat harbor, to provide self-employment opportunities for Nauruans in the fishing industry, and to serve as a port for landing cargo during rough conditions.

The development of the harbor is a major component of the National Fisheries Development Strategy 1997-2001.

Other major projects, which have been achieved under this strategy, include the construction of the Fish Market and the acquisition of the 18-meter longliner ‘Victor Eoaeo II’.

The Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority will also develop fisheries training opportunities.

The next Fisheries Development Strategy focuses on sustainable fishing management and development strategies. The Authority will further develop the fisheries infrastructure and will encourage the development of the commercial fisheries sector.

The Chairman of the Authority said "Japan, as a leading industrial nation, will be one of the most important countries to Nauru in future fisheries co-operation".

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