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HAGÅTÑA, Guam (October 15, 2000 - Pacific Daily News/PINA Nius Online)---Governor Carl Gutierrez will meet with heads of all Guam government agencies and departments this week to discuss how the executive branch plans to fulfill the agreement he made with five senators last week.

Gutierrez will discuss the process, procedures and time lines for achieving nine proposals of a plan for peace and reconciliation, according to a press release from the governor's office.

Ten votes were needed to place an initiative to recall the governor on the November ballot. Lawmakers voted 8-7 during last week's session. The five Republicans who voted against the measure signed an agreement with the governor several hours before the vote took place Wednesday.

Republicans passed a resolution October 5 supporting the recall resolution. Democrats passed a resolution the same day, opposing the recall.

The Republican Party's position is that the resolution should have been approved to give voters the chance to decide whether Gutierrez should remain in office for two more years.

During the Cabinet meeting, scheduled for October 17, Gutierrez will explain how agency heads and their deputies should respond to the Legislature under the Open Government Law.

The governor also will discuss the preparation of a supplemental budget and plans to involve senators in the ongoing reorganization process.

Gutierrez signed an agreement with five Republican senators -- Simon Sanchez, R-Tamuning; Eddie Calvo, R-Maite; Alberto "Tony" Lamorena, R-Dededo; Marcel Camacho, R-Tamuning; and Carlotta Leon Guerrero, R-Sinajana -- that included a nine-step proposal for "peace and reconciliation for our people."

The agreement listed several ways senators and the governor can cooperate to advance common goals.

Gutierrez agreed to rescind a gag order he imposed on the government of Guam employees earlier this year and created new guidelines for communication between the Legislature and executive branch.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party will not abandon the five Republican senators who voted against a measure to recall Gov. Gutierrez, said Republican Chairman David Sablan.

A meeting of about 35 district leaders and executive officers of the Republican party agreed not to dwell on the actions of those senators who voted against the party's position, but rather to concentrate on putting a majority of Republican senators in the Legislature and Republican mayors in the villages, Sablan said.

"The task at hand is to obtain a Republican majority in the Legislature to put the governor in check," Sablan said.

He also said Republican leaders passed a resolution to thank the seven senators who voted for the recall measure.

The senators and the governor agreed to take several steps that they believe will improve relations between the two branches of government and accomplish common goals.

"I still would have wanted to see the recall measure on the ballot," Sablan said. "We must move on now."

Calvo stated in the release that the five senators, including himself, reaffirmed their loyalty to the chairman and the Republican Party.

"We pledged that we would continue to work with our colleagues in the Legislature," Lamorena said in the release. "We will never let our differences come between us," Leon Guerrero said in the release.

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