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NEWS RELEASE October 28, 2000

The interim regime’s Attorney General and Minster for Justice, Alipate Qetaki, says Fiji is far from normal.

In a letter published in the Fiji Times, Qetaki wrote:"the presence of the Emergency Decree implies that the situation in Fiji is far from being normal…"

This is the real Fiji. Military issued and other illegally acquired arms are still in the hands of terrorists, numerous terrorists and prison escapees are still at large, nightly curfews still continue in Suva, military checkpoints are still present throughout the country, free speech is still not allowed, journalists are taken at gun point and interrogated, hundreds of refugees still stay in refugee camps, massive eviction of small-holder ethnic Indian farmers is continuing, etc.

For once, one Qarase Minister has come out with some truth.

This is in direct contrast to what the regime has been informing investors and other nations. For example, the regime’s Commerce Minister only this week told the Australia-Fiji Business Council in Queensland that the political situation in Fiji is already stable. Similarly, Foreign Affairs Minister Kaliopate Tavola has been telling his overseas counterparts that Fiji is already normal.

These lies are deliberately manufactured to show the world that the international community should accept the Qarase regime and the terrorist activities of May 19 and after.

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