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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (November 10, 2000 – Marshall Islands Journal)---A probe of corruption in the Ministry of Finance has led to the suspension of certain employees while investigations continue, the Journal learned this week.

Ministry of Finance and Attorney General’s office officials confirmed that an investigation has discovered numerous discrepancies in paychecks issued to government employees.

Officials indicated that the apparent abuses at Finance involved paying certain individuals for large amounts of overtime hours, reducing the required amount of taxes deducted from paychecks, and other irregularities.

Investigation into other aspects of the Ministry’s operations is also being conducted by the Task Force on Accountability, officials indicated.



MAJURO, Marshall Islands (November 10, 2000 – Marshall Islands Journal)---Investigations into wrongdoing by government employees continue to expand, according to officials close to the government’s Task Force on Accountability.

The completion of a report on tax evasion and related government financial problems has been repeatedly delayed in recent weeks, say these officials, because new instances of misconduct in government offices continue to be discovered and investigated.

"We’re ready to complete the report, but then we find something new that requires investigation," said an official in the Attorney General’s office.

He indicated, however, that the report should be completed shortly and presented to Minister of Justice Witten Philippo.

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